South Asian Union (SAU) "Proposal To Build A South Asian Union"

"A proposal to build a South Asian Union (SAU) likes European Union by expanding SAARC states" and some where "Proposed Road Map of SAU)" Published in Many Web Sites. The names are below:

News Paper
Location of web page
1 The Seoul Times Koria
2 Dhivehi Observer Maldives
3 The South Asia Blog
4 Nepal Solidarity Nepal
5 The Acorn Noah SAARC
6 NK News N Koria http://www.nk-news/guestbook.php
7 Iran News Iran
8 E-Ariana Afganistan
9 Tajim Blogs Nepal
10 Irna Iran
11 The Island Upali Sri Lanka http://www.island.ik/opiniondisp1.asp
12 Southeast Asian Times Australia
13 Daily Ittefaq Bangladesh
14 GoDubai UAE
15 Thailand
16 Japan Today Japan http://forum.japantoday.comm_670264/mpage_1/tm.htm
17 Jakarta Eye Indonasia
18 Letterblog Canada
19 China Visa Form China
20 Thailand
21 Afghanistan Today Afganistan
22 Two Koreans Koria
23 Sabawoon Online Afghanistan
24 A Map of South Asia
25 USA Headlines USA
26 Thumbshots. Net Netherlands
27 Maldives News Maldives
28 Thailand Flag News Thailand
29 SAARC News- Media EIN News
30 Laos Religion News Laos
31 Cambodia News Cambodia
32 European Union News EUN
33 Kyrgyzstan News Kyrgyzstan http://www.einnews.comkyrghizstan/newsfeed-kyrghizstanReligion
34 Mongolia News Mongolia
35 Mongolia Education Mongolia
36 Religious Map of India India
37 Sadae Watan Sydney Australia
38 Asian Canadian Canada
39 North Korea History N Koria
40 Panorama Vietnam
41 Ontario Independent Canada
42 PublicGyan Blog.India India http//
43 Cambodia Forum Cambodia
44 Politics Today S Koria
45 Malaysia News Malaysia
46 Laos Vacation. Com Laos
47 News From Bangladesh Bangladesh
48 South Korea Road Map S Koria
49 South Cities USA
50 State flag USA
51 Amazing Thailand Thailand
52 Afghan Currency Afganistan
53 Daily Weird News Maldives
54 Saudia
55 Kazakhstan Education News Kazakhstan
56 Tajikistan Economy News Tajikistan
57 United States Map USA
58 States flag USA
59 Map Of Indonesia Indonesia
60 News Search Brunei
61 Bhutan News Bhutan
62 Cyprus EU News Cyprus
63 UAE Religion News UAE
64 Turkmenistan Military News Turkmenistan http://www.einnews.comturkmenistan/newsfeed.php?nid=12628&offset=25
65 Flags Of States In US USA
66 Cyprus Economy News Cyprus
67 The Southeast Asian Times Australia
68 European Union News EUN
69 Oman Map Oman
70 European Design Pruner Europe
71 News4 India
72 News From Bangladesh Bangladesh
73 IBA At Work Pakistan
74 Free map of Asia Asia
75 Bhutan News Bhutan
76 Central Asia NGOs News Asia
77 Burningman
78 South Asian News Asia
79 Reid Standard
81 Burma Related News Burma
82 Good Info Religious flags Online
83 Trans Union Canada Canada
84 Singapore road map Singapore
85 Nepal Blogs.Com Nepal
86 Steven Wilson JPBO Japan
87 Target WTO
88 Map Of Indonesia Indonesia
89 Estonian genealogical Estonian
90 India times India
91 The Daily Journal Venezuela
92 Atlantic Ave*3*
93 Financial Express Bangladesh tp://
94 North Korea Times N Koria
95 Languages Of Bahrain Bahrain http://www.proogle.orgCategory:Languages_of_Bahrain
96 Mukto- Mona Bangladesh
97 Med Wet Coast
98 Bel from USA to Nepal Nepal
90 Brunei Dollar Brunei
100 World Top Headlines USA
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