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Location :
Located on the East coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon is at the meeting point of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. Lebanon has been the crossroad of many civilizations; the traces of which can still be seen today. Its countryside is a place of rocks cedar trees and magnificent ruins that look down from the mountains to the sea.

Area : 4000 sq m (10452 sq km)

Population :
3 million Lebanese live in Lebanon (Estimate 2001, last official census 1937)
15 million Lebanese and Lebanese decedents are estimated to be living around the globe
(Largest: Brazil 7 million, USA 3 million)

Ethnic groups :
Lebanon encompasses a great mix of cultures and ethnic groups which have been building up for more than 6000 years. Most of the Lebanese are descendants of the Phoenicians/Canaanites and/or West Aramaic (50-70%). The second largest ethnic group in Lebanon descends from Arabs (20-30%). Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Hebrews, Kurds Persians and others form about 10%.

Religions :
There is no state religion in Lebanon . However, Lebanon officially recognizes 17 religious sects of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The estimate of religion distribution in Lebanon now is about 1% minorities, 40% Christians and about 60% Muslims.

Languages : Lebanese (Spoken), Arabic (Formal), French, English and Armenian

Education :
About 60% of the schools in Lebanon use French as their basic language of education, about 20% use English, while 20% use both French and English as basic languages for education Arabic language and Literature are taught in all schools, and the Arabic language is used in some schools for Philosophy, History and Sociology material.

Holidays : In addition to national holidays, Lebanon recognizes all Christian and Muslim holidays.

Independence day : 22nd November Christmas Day : 25th Dec & 6th Jan.


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